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In 2004, various members of the Hancock County law enforcement community recognized that the current procedure for conducting a child abuse investigation was ineffective. Once a child abuse case was brought to light, the system required victims to repeatedly tell of their abuse simply to work their way through the system. Victims were required to be interviewed in school, often in the principal’s office, or in police stations or county offices, none of which were conducive to privacy.  Often, these interviews took place with numerous people present during the disclosure.  It is so difficult for some children to disclose that many victims never tell and requiring a child to tell in front of his principal, teacher, or in a police station only makes the disclosure more difficult.

Thus, a multidisciplinary team was founded to create a county-wide abuse protocol, and in 2006, The Center for Safe & Healthy Children opened its doors. The Center provides an atmosphere that is child-friendly, and the interview rooms are designed to reduce distractions and improve privacy. The Center began recording children’s interviews in order to use as a reference, rather than re-interviewing the child.

Through the years, The Center grew and began offering more services over the years, focusing on prevention, intervention, and advocacy. Today, The Center for Safe & Healthy Children works to minimize further trauma to children who have suffered abuse or neglect by providing a multidisciplinary response through prevention, intervention, and advocacy. The Center also works to prevent child abuse by raising awareness of human trafficking and sexual and physical abuse within the community. It accomplishes this goal by giving presentations to various groups, hosting fundraisers, and speaking at schools.





 The Center for Safe and Healthy Children

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